Cherry Bomb (12-Pack) Gluten Free

Get ready to get bombed!

In addition to being gluten free and packed with millions of probiotics, our Cherry Bomb cookie detonates hunger with rich semi-sweet chocolate and bing cherry deliciousness! With a decadent cookie like this, who needs gluten?

Key Ingredient: Probiotics

Function:  Healthy Digestion & Immunity Enhancement 


Good to Know:

    • Gluten Free
    • Handmade in The USA
    • We use Non GMO Ingredients
    • Our Probiotics do Not Breakdown at High Temperatures
    • Locally Sourced Ingredients
    • Contains Zero Artificial Ingredients
    • No Added Trans Fatty Acids
    • FREE Domestic Shipping


Choose between Break Size (1.5oz) or Original size (3oz). Nutritional info shown is for 1 serving size (Break Size). 




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