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    Cookie Questions

    • Q: Are The Cookie Department KETO cookies gluten free? A: They sure are! My wife Elannah is gluten free, and I created these cookies for her to enjoy. We understand that for those with gluten sensitivities, even a tiny bit can have catastrophic physical effects. We've taken the extra step of having our cookies Gluten Free Certified so you never have to worry about the possibility of cross contamination.
    • Q: How many net carbs are in The Cookie Department KETO cookies? A: All of our cookies have either 3 or 4 net carbs, depending on the flavor. 
    • Q:  Will The Cookie Department KETO cookies prevent me from getting into, or kick me out of ketosis? A:  To date we haven't come across any cookie fans that have been kicked out of ketosis due to eating one of our cookies. That said, every body is unique, so I wouldn't want to make a blanket statement about your body specifically.
      • Q: Are the KETO cookies diabetic friendly? A: I created them specifically so they wouldn't negatively affect blood sugar. Many of our diabetic cookie lovers report back that these cookies  not only keep their blood sugar relatively stable, but that they even lower blood sugar. That said, every body is unique so I wouldn't want to make a blanket statement about your body.

      • Q: How BIG are the KETO cookies? A: They're slightly larger than the diameter of a baseball or about the size of my palm, and I would say I have average sized hands.  So they are definitely big enough to share without feeling deprived, but also small enough to eat a whole cookie without getting a belly ache. 

      • Q: What's the texture of the KETO cookies? A. The cookies are melt in your mouth soft and slightly chewy. The texture is more similar to cookie dough than it is to a crunchy cookie. If you love ice cream cake, you will LOVE these!
      • Q: How should I store my KETO cookies? A: No need to worry about the cookies going stale. They will last for months in a cool pantry, and even longer in the freezer. Just check the expiration date. Fun Tip: Eat them frozen and they resemble ice cream cake!

      • Q: Are the KETO cookies expensive? A: Our cookies are more costly than cookies that contain sugar and gluten. This is for 2 reasons: 1. We use some of the highest end premium keto friendly ingredients, including our monk fruit Sweetner blend which is over 11 times the cost of table sugar and several times more expensive than other monk fruit blends. 2. We're a small company so don't get to take advantage of bulk ingredient, packaging, shipping and production discounts that the big guys have. Even still, ounce per ounce we're priced similarly to our direct competition in the keto and gluten-free certified cookie space.

      Shipping Questions 

      • Q : Do you charge for shipping? A: We offer FREE shipping for any order above $80. Unlike larger companies, as a small brand we aren't able to take advantage of bulk discounted shipping rates, so unfortunately we're unable to offer free shipping on smaller orders.
      • Q: Do you profit off of shipping costs? A: Not only do we NOT profit from shipping charges, but we cover about 25% of the shipping cost for you. 
      • Q: How is my shipping rate determined? A: Shipping rates are determined by the shipping company (We ship through both USPS and UPS) based on the weight and distance that the package will be traveling. We unfortunately don't have any influence over this. 
      • Q: Do you have information on my package that I don't have access to with my tracking number? A: We have the exact same tracking resources and information that you do, so if you have a question, please contact the mail or parcel service listed on your tracking number.
      • Q: When I check for an update using my tracking number, there is no new information. A: Although the hard working people at USPS and UPS do their best, the tracking information can be slow to update. There have been times that packages have been delivered prior to the tracking information updating.
      • Q: My tracking information says my package is running late. Can you issue me a refund? A: We do not issue refunds or credits for delayed packages. Your package is on its way and they will taste that much sweeter after all that anticipation!
      • Q: My tracking information shows delivered but I never received my package. A: Please contact the delivery service listed in your tracking information, as we have no influence on the package whereabouts once we've shipped it. *Note: Every once in awhile a postal carrier will accidentally label a package as delivered when it hasn't been (they're human so mistakes can happen), and it may yet be delivered within a couple of days. 
      • Q: What happens if my package isn't delivered? A: It's rare for packages to simply disappear. Far more often when a package hasn't shown up within the estimated delivery time it's simply delayed, even if the tracking information doesn't reflect that. If the package is delayed more than 7 days past the estimated delivery date, please let us know. 
      • Q: What happens if my order was returned to sender? A: We ship to the address provided when you place your order.  If your package is returned to us due to an incorrect address, we will let you know and give you the option to have it reshipped. If you would still like to receive your cookies, we will email you a shipping invoice for you to cover the shipping costs.
      • Q: I have trouble receiving mail from time to time. Can you assure that I will get my package? A: If your home or building has a history of porch pirates or non-delivered packages, please provide us with an alternative address. Perhaps a friend or family member's address would be more secure. 
      • Q: Do you ship outside the USA? A: At this time we do ship to Canada, though international shipping rates are higher than domestic rates.