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    "On the keto diet, these are the best cookies I have ever tasted! They help make my low carb lifestyle sustainable and they do not give me tummy upset like some low carb and keto treats do. Even my 11 year old daughter loves them. They are worth every penny!"


    -Laura S.

    "Finally a gluten free Keto cookie with rich mint chocolate flavor and real cookie texture. From my experience most store bought cookies are overly sweet but these are just right. Can't wait to share with my co-workers."


    -John E.

    "Taste is great (just like birthday cake). The consistency is also good as it doesn't leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth. Not many KETO options in birthday cake flavor and this one nails it. Lots of other birthday flavors are higher in protein or carbohydrates. Simply put, if you can afford 8 cookies for the price, these are the ones to get!"


    -Jewann P.

    "This is a great cookie for only 3 net carbs. Flavor is on point also. Popped two in the freezer to make ice cream sammies with and the cookies held up amazing!"



    "A delicious cookie made with natural ingredients! Exceptional quality and I’m so excited they are now being sold online. I truly believe in this product so much so that I’m happy to give to my 2 year old :)"


    -AJ P.

    How We Started

    Sitting at a coffee shop one day in 2009, Akiva Resnikoff noticed a plethora of patrons purchasing a baked good along with their cup of coffee. A lightbulb moment hit; could he create a bakery delicious caffeinated cookie?

    With a background in the functional beverage industry and trained in the pastry arts, after 60+ trial and error batches in his mother’s kitchen, Resnikoff finally perfected the double chocolate coffee Awaken Baked. He didn’t know it then, but this would become the signature cookie in his yet to be founded The Cookie Department.

    As a passionate, bootstrapping one-man band, over the next several years Resnikoff grew his passion project into a nationally distributed, packaged line of six Fully Functional Cookie flavors, each containing their own unique ingredients like protein, caffeine, superfoods and probiotics.

    Keto is Personal!

    As oodles of food conscious people are gravitating toward lower sugar, lower carb diets, offering gluten free certified, keto friendly cookies might seem like a natural fit for a functional cookie company, yet the inspiration to include keto cookies is personal for Resnikoff.

    Resnikoff's wife Elannah has had a long journey of healing from the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries. Consistently her team of doctors have recommended incongruous treatment protocols, with her body often feeling like a trial and error test subject. A rare area of agreement has been that the ketogenic diet would help her decrease inflammation and stabilize her blood sugar.

    Keto has been a huge win for their family! As the keto friendly food space has expanded, they've tried every keto cookie out there. Nothing has been as satiating as the cookies Resnikoff has made for her, so they decided to expand their cookie line to include some of their home baked favorite keto flavors.