About The Cookie Department

The Cookie Department's cookies are as delicious as they are fully functional!


The Cookie Department is where R&D goes hand in hand with innovation. Our team of experts work around the clock to develop cookies that help you function at your best every day, whether you are training for a marathon, in the running for VP, making the school run or running around the playground. Starting from simple, all-natural ingredients with naturally occurring benefits, our project managers of sweetness create unique and scrumptious cookies that get right to work!



Akiva Resnikoff’s years in the performance beverage industry inspired him to innovate a new functional food product and launch his own brand. Resnikoff hit on the original idea of the fully-functional cookie while snacking on sweets and coffee.

That day, the first purposeful cookie was born: the caffeinated Awaken Baked chocolate espresso cookie. Akiva officially launched The Cookie Department in late 2009. 

As the bootstrapping founder of The Cookie Department, he started out as a passionate one-man band: baking, promoting, selling and delivering his Awaken Baked to cafes, gyms and retail outlets across the SF Bay Area. Since that single cookie launch, he has developed and released 5 more fully functional cookies, continuing to innovate as The Cookie Department grows by leaps and bounds.  The Cookie Department is now located in Portland, Oregon.