Assorted Box (12-Pack)

Try The Cookie Department's fantastic cookies to bring full functionality to all aspects of your day! This mixed box contains two of each cookie!

Box of 12 assorted 1.5oz or 3oz Cookies.

Snap Back

Snap back! into your day with the Cookie Department's Snap Back Ginger cookie. Using real ginger and milk thistle, this cookie brings you back to life way better than the hair of the dog ever could (and it tastes better too). 

Tough Cookie

The Cookie Department's Peanut Butter cookie packs a protein punch to help you recuperate after the gym, the kid's carpool, olympic training, rocket science-ing, night classes or whatever you have to be a tough cookie for! 

Chocolate Chip Nookie

Lounging in between the sheets of this package is one sexy cookie. Made with the Peruvian root Maca,the Cookie Department's Chocolate Chip Nookie cookie takes you from day to date…or makes your day a little more chocolate-y and a little more lovely. 

Awaken Baked 

When you need to wake up: why be bitter about it! The Cookie Department's flagship cookie Awaken Baked brings you up to speed with the caffeine equivalent of one cup of coffee... but with rich chocolate chips and natural sea salt: prepare to forget your cup. 


Be grateful every day for this sweet potato, oatmeal and cranberry cookie. Enjoy the anti-oxidant rich sweet potatoes, the comfort of oatmeal and tangy sweetness of cranberries. Added bonus, The Cookie Department is proud that this cookie is vegan!

Cherry Bomb 

In addition to being gluten free and packed with millions of probiotics, our Cherry Bomb cookie detonates hunger with rich semi-sweet chocolate and bing cherry deliciousness! With a decadent cookie like this, who needs gluten?


Good to Know:

    • Handmade in the USA
    • We use Non GMO Ingredients
    • Locally Sourced Ingredients
    • Contains Zero Artificial Ingredients
    • No Added Trans Fatty Acids
    • FREE Domestic Shipping




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